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About Us

Warm Welcome to www.padayal.com

We heartly welcome you to the online portal which is very ease and awesomeness at the same time. www.padayal.com is very top quality. We have great pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the Edible Oil manufacturing company in south India and it is a global and international store for Pure Wood Pressed Oil (Marachekku Ennai) is an initiative by 4 VIEW GLOBAL, Tamil Nadu, India which established and continuing its services successfully in domestic for the past several years “Delivering the Premium Quality Wood Pressed Oil to Everyone’ is our motto.”

In 4VG we are selling the cold pressed oils are extracted from the finest oil seeds and the quality of the cold pressed oil will remain favorable and our customer will get the best online purchasing experience. We sell different oils such as cold pressed Gingelly oil, cold pressed Coconut oil and cold pressed Groundnut Oil, Palm Jaggery / Karuppatti as per our customer's convenient requirements. In 4VG online oil store we sell each oil with unique flavor, you can consume the cold pressed coconut oil as hair oil, the cold pressed groundnut oil for deep frying you can use and use the cold pressed sesame oil as cooking oil and also we promise you to provide highest quality service and strive to make our customer happy. We have reached the unbelievable success thanks for customers who have supported us.

We are proud of our brand "4VG", we produce cold pressed nutritional oils. We do not employ chemical or solvent extraction processes, ensuring the aroma, flavour and nutritional characteristics of our quality raw materials are preserved.

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